The Queen Mary II docks in SF for the first time 2/4/07
111Chestnut / Jane Lozins
She arrived Superbowl Sunday and had to wait outside the Golden Gate Bridge until low tide - around 4 pm - to get under the bridge. Even then there was less than 30 feet of clearance. Then she had to hang out in the Bay until around 8 pm to dock.
The crowds at pier 27 were constant, everyone wanted to see her "up close".
The traffic was a mess - I'm glad we were walking. She was too big for the regular Cruise Ship Pier 35. Pier 27 is 2 blocks from our place.
111Chestnut / Jane Lozins
From the roof outside Jane and Neal's penthouse the QMII was AMAZING. It looked like all of a sudden there was a 23 story building 2 blocks away! You can see the Bay Bridge to the right beneath the moon.